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June 21, 2010
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Something About Slash by Kellatrix Something About Slash by Kellatrix
I had a stamp almost exactly like this uploaded back on !Heiderich-Luvur but it got lost when I was moving all my crap over here.

So I made another one because I think that this really needs to be said.

Those who don't like slash often use this as their primary argument -- the idea that changing the sexuality of a character changes the character entirely. A person's sexuality should never be a part of their personality, just as a person's hair color, ethnicity, religion or gender shouldn't define them.

Some say that that's the opposite, and yes, it's true that some personality traits are attributed to the above things, such as blonds being stupid, Christians being bigoted, girls being sensitive, and Asians being smart.

However, these stereotypes are often the exception rather than the rule. There are dumb blondes, yes, but there are very smart ones. And very dumb brunettes. There are wonderfully open-minded Christians and very close-minded atheists. I've known girls who want nothing to do with love and boys that cry at Disney movies.

So saying that, for example, making Superman gay for Batman, is changing both of their characters entirely is, in fact, a very false statement. Gay or straight, Clark Kent would still save the day. He would still work at the Daily Planet and have a secret identity. He would still be idealist and moral, wanting nothing more than the good of the world. Bruce Wayne, no matter his sexuality, would still be darker and more mysterious. He would still be as precise and angsty as he always was. And, furthermore, whether their relationship was friendly or romantic, the two heroes would pretty much still interact in the same way. Bruce would be cynical of Clark's idealist nature and Clark would always be trying to get Bruce to be more optimistic, just as they're doing for each other now. We both know that the characters are capable of love, thanks to Rachel (in Nolan-verse) and Lois. So there would be no character change whatsoever with Bruce/Clark slash.

Of course, there will always be those who change the character's personalities within their slash, and I'm not speaking for those people. We all know that Rorschach won't be leaving roses on Dan's doorstep, and Envy will probably never cuddle with Ed. That's a different situation, and that exists in het, too.

But saying that slash isn't even possible because it changes the personality of the characters is an erroneous thought process. I wouldn't be a different person if I was straight. I would still like the same things I like now. I would just be attracted to men rather than women.

So, to put it bluntly, 'gay' is not a personality trait.
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THANK you *very* much!!
LadyData Dec 8, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
If the pairing doesn't make sense then sure it can make a canon character act out of character.
That's NOT JUST FOR SLASH, though. It's for het too.
LadyData Jan 2, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I know it goes both ways.
Master-of-the-Boot Sep 7, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
No, but it should greatly broaden a character and open new horizons in my opinion
Thank you for making this!

I write mostly about same sex couples a lot and still try to keep the canon characters in character. I remember reading this really good Shizuo+Izaya fanfic once for example and I was pretty impressed how well, the author kept those two in character ^^ Sometimes that can be very...difficult to do .___. But anywho: I really agree with your stamp :) There are some that even dare to say that slashing two male or female characters together is an 'insult to the author ' -__-
MrDissidiaFan Jun 14, 2013
True, but I still prefer if straight characters stay straight, and gay characters stay gay.

Though to be fair, I like to portray Tails from the Sonic series as gay. And no, he doesn't have a crush on Sonic in my head-universe, he still treats Sonic as an older brother and nothing more. He's just into boys instead of girls.
EvilpixieA May 22, 2013  Student Writer
Well said!
exactly, I have some OCs that are gay, and some that are bi, and I started to develop some, but didn't think about their sexuality for a long time, until it was important to the story, which is bad, I should fix that at some point, but it's not like I was like, 'oh he's (insert stereotype about gay men here) so I think I'll make him gay.' nooo, that's different and now that I've gotten better at taking into things like sexuality for my OCS, if I feel they're gay then they're gay, or bi, or straight, but I'm not going to change them to fit the story, that's stupid. And it's the same for slash pairs, which I do, I'm not going to support a pair unless I think it's based on something that could be factual, and even if it's not and I'm having fun, it doesn't change the person, you work with what you have, that's how it goes. rant over, sorry about that.
JustSomeStranger Feb 27, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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